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The Department of Civil Engineering pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduate students and state of the art research facilities for postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast-paced world.


 3 years Diploma, 4 Years B.Tech & 2 Years M.Tech (Structural) program imparts students with mastery in the field of civil engineering besides fluency in mathematics, physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics essential requirements for any successful civil engineer. Students gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites, etc.


Students have access to every facility in the form of 9 well equipped labs covering 12,000 sq. ft.
They are:

  • Structures and construction engineering lab
  • Computer lab
  • Soil mechanics lab
  • Hydraulics and fluid machinery lab
  • Strength of materials lab
  • Concrete and highway lab
  • Survey lab
  • Environmental engineering lab
  • Remote sensing and GIS Lab
  • Rural Engineering Lab


Qualified and experienced faculty members form the department. They specialize in structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, transportation, surveying, and construction engineering, as well as management, remote sensing and GIS. The faculty members contribute to academic development by publishing books and presenting papers in international and national conferences.The labs are equipped with state of the art equipment including universal testing machine, tri-axial shear tester, loading frame with accessories, ultrasonic concrete tester, torsion testing machine, vibration equipment and total station.The computer center of the department uses special-purpose commercial software packages like GTSTRUDL, STAADPRO, AUTOCAD, PRIMAVERA.The remote sensing and GIS laboratory is equipped with high end software and accessories like ArcGIS9.1, MAPInfo, ENVI Image processing software, Mirror Stereoscope with stereo pair, 5 satellite data - LISS III, LISS III (PAN + Merged), OCM, SPOT and LandsatTM


The research work at the school includes such domains as innovative interface material, traffic-resistant pavement material, and shear strength of high-strength concrete, recycled aggregates, bio-concrete and basalt fiber concrete.