Technical Trends in India Ruling 2017

The technical innovation in India is quite interesting to see if you will. And the country needs it, the country needs young beautiful and creative minds who have the potential to improve the economy and sustainability for the better.

Here are some of the most interesting technical trends in India –

1. 4G deployment is rising

The vision and philosophy of Digital India can only be met with a highly efficient mobile broadband infrastructure in the country. Last year, the Government of India held a spectrum auction which saw the largest quantum of spectrum being made available.
The result of the auction was surprising as only 40% of spectrum got sold out of the total 2,355 MHz spectrum across seven bands. Telecom operators bid selectively to improve spectrum portfolio for 4G services. So, it is expected that most telecom operators will roll out 4G LTE across the country. This, in turn, will improve Quality of Service of mobile broadband networks.

2. India Stack

Now that the deployment of Aadhaar has become successful, several government agencies, along with entrepreneurs and software and hardware companies, have been working on India Stack – a unified software platform comprising a set of APIs (Application Programme Interface) which allow several authorities (including the Indian Government) to utilise a unique digital infrastructure.
Some of the existing approaches based on the India Stack framework and philosophy include DigiLocker (cloud storage for official documents, and Aadhaar eKYC (electronic Know Your Computer).

3.  Digital Wallet

E-wallets such as Paytm and Mobikwik have gained momentum after the demonetization of the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as a major percentage of the citizens went cashless.
With the Government giving a push to cashless transactions, digital wallets are likely to take over standard payment in the mere future.

4. Data Analytics

The increasing number of mobile phone users has resulted in the generation of big data relating to user context, proximity, tastes, and preferences – all of which make up for a complete user profile.
This has led to the rise of analysis of user profile to target products and services. Indian unicorns such as InMobi and Mu Sigma have helped various companies to leverage data analytics for their services.

5. Digital Security

With the digital world slowly taking over, information security has become indispensable as it encompasses personal, community, corporate, and government security.

As traditional online authentication using user name and password are doomed to become obsolete (given the rate of cyber attacks), alternatives such as biometric and Aadhaar-based security solutions are increasingly being evaluated.

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Technical Trends in India Ruling 2017
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Technical Trends in India Ruling 2017
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