5 Best Electrical Inventions

The technologies that we have access to are all shaped by the inventions in the past. Some of the great thinkers have made great contributions in the science and engineering realm.

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Here, we have listed some of the best electrical inventions:

1) Electrical bulb

Electrical bulb is the single best electrical invention in the history of mankind. The early electric light bulb (or now known as incandescent light bulb) contains a wire filament which is heated to the extent that it glows and emits visible light. The glass bulb protects the wire filament from oxidizing as it contains an inert gas or is evacuated.
Historians list 22 inventors who invented the incandescent light bulb. However, Thomas Edison gets the credit as he was able to outstrip other inventors by using higher resistance, higher vacuum and an effective incandescent material.

2) Telephone

The invention of the telephone changed the way we communicate. It has been considered as the first device to enable people to communicate directly across long distances.
Alexander Graham Bell was the first to receive the patent for his model which was able to clearly replicate human voice. With the success in further developing telephones, it became an indispensable device to the government, businesses, and household.
Initially, telephones were just limited to two users. This led to the development of landline telephone service in which telephones were connected to local central office switching systems which soon became automated.

3) Radio

Radio is one of the earliest and the most important medium of channelling news and information in the human history. Radios work by transmitting information such as sound through radio waves. This is done by taking properties of electromagnetic energy such as frequency and amplitude to modulate them.

4) Television

Television is another biggest electrical invention. The development of television made access to entertainment and information a whole lot easier.  Inventors started experimenting with televisions during the 1920s. It was after the World War II that the popularity of an improved form of black-and-white TV grew in Britain and the United States.

5) Motor

From our mobile phones to cars, electric motors come in use almost everywhere. An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (in rotational motion). It was Scottish monk Andrew Gordon who created the first electrostatic motor in the 1740s.
The theoretical principle of the working of electric motor was discovered by André-Marie Ampère in 1820. One year later, Michael Faraday demonstrated the theory.

Inspired by these inventors?

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5 Best Electrical Inventions
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5 Best Electrical Inventions
Check 5 best inventions. University courses from one of the best electrical engineering institutes can make you best to invent new electrical inventions.
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