Humanities & Applied Science

The Department of Humanities & Applied Science Is there since the time of inception of the college. Though not a core department like engineering subjects, it plays a vital role in shaping and grooming the overall personality of a student. The department accommodates a cluster of subjects ranging from Communicative English to Mechanical Engineering.
A brief summary of the Department and its activities are given below:


Vision of the Department

In the department we nurture the spirit of leveraging of human capital through the effective use of modern technique which may yield fruitful result to the student. The focus of the department is always on the practical aspect of education which is to unearth the hidden potentiality which is “already within us”. So that ,the student may use the gained knowledge in their day life successfully.


In order to encourage a healthy competition among the students, the department organizes extempore and publishes wall magazine from time to time. Apart from that, the department also organizes seminar/ presentation by student/ faculty members from out side the institute.

Engineering Chemistry LaboratoryEngineering Physics Laboratory
Chemical instruments like pipette, burette, separating funnel, thermometer, ViscometerNewton’s Ring
Digital electronic balance, Centrifuge machineRyberg Constant
Vibrator machineYoung’s Modulus
Digital PH meterLaser Diffraction
Digital conductivity meterTharmal Conductivity
Hot air ovenBand Gap
Water bath, Keeps apparatusOptical Fiber
Solar Cell
Viscosity of Liquid
Magnetic Induction etc
Language LaboratoryResearch Work
Special stress is given on learning accents & intonationTranslation Studies, Bhasa Literature
Attention is given to online exams such as TOEFLCaste System in Post Colonial India
Special interactive session is organized though showing some classic movie clipsFluid Mechanics, Impeller Design, production Engineering
Students are asked to give their presentation on a given topicFluzzy Math, operation Research
Faculty members make use of the LCD projector for effective & interactive teaching.
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