Career Opportunities after Completing Technical Education

Engineering is one of the most sought after educational branch in India, especially in West Bengal. This is mainly because technical education opens up various scopes and bright career opportunities for students.

Here, we discuss some of the career opportunities after completing technical education.

  1. Campus placement – Campus Connect India

When you complete your B. Tech, a whole world of opportunity awaits you. Getting a job after completing your technical education is rewarding as your get the chance to apply theoretical knowledge into practical approaches.

Self-financing engineering colleges in West Bengal offer annual campus drive through which students can land jobs in their respective field of study. So, getting a job through campus placements is a good choice.

  1. Higher studies

Pursuing higher studies, such as going for an M. Tech degree after completing B. Tech would be an obvious choice for students who are passionate about engineering. And it’s rewarding too, having an M. Tech degree in possession only revs up your credential. For what it’s worth, an M. Tech degree can land you better jobs in the engineering sector. Or you can even specialise in academics and research.

Students who have completed their B. Tech have to prepare for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) and face the examination to be eligible for M. Tech course.

You can even go for an MBA degree in case you want to absquatulate from core engineering and step into the corporate world. It often occurs that engineers, in some point of their career, land management positions. So, if you pursue an MB Degree, you’ll get the best of both worlds – technical knowledge and management skills.

  1. Short term certificate and diploma courses

Another good option to boost your credential after completing your B. Tech is opting for short-term courses. Certificate courses such as machine designing, protocol testing, ethical hacking, robotics, networking, AutoCAD, and VLSI are usually job-oriented and can make you suitable for employers and industry experts.

  1. Join the Indian Army

Joining the Indian Army is not only high paying but also makes you highly respectable in your society. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you can apply for assistant engineer posts in defence services including the Army, Air Force and Navy.

  1. Be an entrepreneur

Self-employment is one of the most exciting things you can do with your career. So, starting a business of your own after completing your B. Tech is a good option. The business doesn’t have to be based on completely different industry. Instead, you can associate your business with engineering.

West Bengal technical education

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Career Opportunities after Technical Education in West Bengal
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Career Opportunities after Technical Education in West Bengal
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