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Pradip Ghosh is the Founder Director of IST & Treasurer of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha for last seven years. He is a young and dynamic person. His visions is to develop a model Institution of Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Information Technology and Biological Science, Paramedical Science and Research Centre with job oriented courses for the students coming from different parts of India and abroad.

In a world that is ruled by technology, every aspect of life is determined by the innovation, up gradation and application of technology that is relevant and manageable. The development and use of technology is again rested on the individuals who are exposed to such technology, have first hand experience in handling it.

In the competitive world of today, survival is not just a matter of qualifications but one of qualifications with competence. A better survivor is one with better competency and qualifications. The thrust is a specialization is, creating a nice by one’s ability, skill, qualification and competency. There are so many institutions in our country. All of them strive to add some value in an individual’s life. The “Institute of Science & Technology” has been initiated with the vision of enabling the youth of this country to have a purposeful vision, mission and goal.

I always think betterment of the Institution and to shape the Institute as a Center of Excellence for higher studies and researches in science, technology, engineering and management, particularly in emerging areas.

The basic objective of the Institute is to organize undergraduate courses of study in engineering and technology. But I have the plan to extend and incorporate other field of studies at the Institute, so that the passed out students of IST after completion of B. Tech. Degree can avail Post Graduation studies under same roof.

As a Director of this College, I can assure you that the College will provide all the assistance to you for pursuing your goals. It is with this purpose that the college has initiated measures not just to encourage students to pursue their education purposefully but also to provide additional competency through educating them in the respective field.

I hope the students who step into this Institution would use the facilities available and attain their goals.

I wish all the best.

Mr. Pradip Ghosh

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