8 Top Electronics Trends in 2017

The tech revolution isn’t going to catch breath any sooner and will only progress leaps and bounds.

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Here are some of the top electronics trends in 2017.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to oversee the technological advancement in the future. Companies such as Google and Amazon have already started implementing AI and their AI-based products are embraced by an increasing number of people. AI is likely to replace a large amount of manual processes in the mere future.

2. Rise of Level-3 autonomous vehicles

This year will even see the launch of Level-3 autonomous vehicle which will be able to fully take over the driver with precise autonomous technology. The Level-3 autonomous vehicles might even shape a new future for the autonomous driving industry.

3. Drone deliveries

E-commerce giants such as Amazon are expected to launch its first drone deliveries in the UK. Walmart is also expected to deploy drone deliveries in the United States next year.

4. Internet of Everything

This year might see everything becoming connected as the Internet of Everything will continue to rise in both consumer and B2B market. Apple will be releasing the Home app this fall which is expected to give a major boost to connected technology. The app will allow the users to control electronics, climate, security, and lights via Apple devices.

5. 3D printing

3D printing has the potential to bring more efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing industry. 3D printing can improve major industries such as construction and healthcare for the better.

According to PwC, manufacturers of different industries have already started integrating 3D printed parts and products which are quickly becoming end products. It is likely that more companies will implement 3D printing as adopting the technology becomes easier and cost-effective.

6. Virtual Reality

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Samsung have made significant leaps in the Virtual Reality. The technology can also be considered as the new content delivery system as businesses can conduct conferences and face-to-face meetings from different parts of the world.

7. Automated finance

Automated banks are predicted to be the next big disruptor in the banking sector. According to CNN, Citigroup predicts that 30% of bank jobs could be at stake over the next decade.

Robot-advisors are likely to replace financial advisors as they will be capable of making split-second, highly-informed decisions with the help of big data.

8. Big Data will grow

Big Data is likely to be an indispensable asset for companies belonging to almost all sectors. Development in big data storage will foster more innovations and will likely bring agility in IT.


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