5 Reasons Why Colleges Should Focus on Research Development

With the changing trends of higher education in India and the world, research and development programmes in Colleges and Universities have gained momentum. The strength of today’s economies lies in the way they can harness knowledge. And in this regard, the role of the Colleges and Universities has become crucial. With the government providing research and development funding to colleges and universities to make them more competitive, these educational institutions are no longer just degree-producing machines.

Need for Research and Development

The quality of education in any college and university is determined by the research that has been undertaken there. In the past few decades, the number of colleges and universities has increased along with the percentage of the population receiving an academic education.

With the government facilitating research and development funding to colleges and universities, private universities and colleges are also making an effort to develop their infrastructure by focusing more on research activities. Data shows that in 2015 27% of the total government funding for research and development went to the private colleges and universities.

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Here are a few reasons why colleges and universities should focus on research and development:

Research is essential for facilitating outstanding student education and training.

It helps in providing a particular texture to the academic environment of the College and University which further gives a distinctive and distinguishing educational experience to the students.

Research colleges and Universities can share and promote values of scholarship with other Universities by connecting with each other through competition and cooperation that will further push academic performance and excellence.

Research-intensive colleges and universities encourage excellence in education and research at the highest levels of learning. When students engage in research, they get into a careful process of honing their skills and critical thinking abilities further. And in this way, they are best prepared for facing the future challenges and opportunities.

Research is the foundation for knowledge which makes possible the vast sea of innovation and application providing wider benefit. This also adds to the stock of global knowledge and is a source of new ideas, techniques, innovation, and methods, across a wide range of disciplinary areas.

Today’s economies are mainly driven by technology and innovation and a research-intensive college and university education system is the only way to further this progress.

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