Month: June 2017

5 Reasons Why Colleges Should Focus on Research Development

With the changing trends of higher education in India and the world, research and development programmes in Colleges and Universities have gained momentum. The strength of today’s economies lies in the way they can harness knowledge. And in this regard, the role of the Colleges and Universities has become crucial. With the...Read More

Electronic Engineering – 7 facts

Electronics and Communication is one of the most interesting and advanced disciplines in engineering. The discipline promises vast career scope and bright opportunities, which is why it has come into serious account. Here are some of the most interesting facts on electronic engineering. Fact #1. The work of electronic engineers involves designing,...Read More

Career Opportunities after Completing Technical Education

Engineering is one of the most sought after educational branch in India, especially in West Bengal. This is mainly because technical education opens up various scopes and bright career opportunities for students. Here, we discuss some of the career opportunities after completing technical education. Campus placement - Campus Connect India When you...Read More