2017 Engineering and Construction Trends

Infrastructural development plays an important part in the economic growth of any country. Similarly, engineering and construction are part and parcel of the infrastructure of any country.

Diploma and graduates from the best colleges for civil engineering hold the credibility of these engineering and construction trends.

Here are some engineering and construction trends of 2017:

1. Growth of competition of E&C companies

Engineering and Construction (E&C) companies based in countries with the rapidly growing economy such as India, China, and Korea spent the past decade focusing on domestic markets to build up internal expertise and cash positions.
Now, these firms are looking forward to expanding into global markets, and this would mean competition for established global players. E&C companies from Korea and China are predicted to excel in the mega-project category as they can build modular elements domestically and ship them to sites. This approach can help these companies capitalize on lower costs.

2. Innovation and research

Companies involved in the construction industry now choose to research and innovate – to enhance their product line, set themselves apart from the competition, and create a lasting impact in the industry by innovating.
However, a majority of companies perceive research and innovation as an expensive process and that it doesn’t comply with their R&D capabilities.

3. Big Data

Big data is not an entirely new trend, but it is coming into the limelight in the E&A realm. Companies can benefit from this technology by achieving enhanced insights which help in improving design, productivity, and smoothening manufacturing process.

4. Eco-friendly buildings

Climate change has become a huge concern, and that is what has driven change in the engineering and construction sector. Modern buildings such as the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation are designed and constructed to address environmental factors.
With the use of advanced technologies, eco-friendly buildings are able to lower energy consumption and the overall design factors are focused toward longevity. Most importantly, modern eco-friendly buildings use green materials to reduce the threat to the environment.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is revolutionizing the construction industry. The technology makes it possible for construction companies to facilitate remote operation, track equipment, and most importantly, save energy.
Innovative construction products equipped with sensors are used to gain information through which companies can reduce cost by enhancing processes, and this eventually increases profitability.
Construction materials integrating sensors help make up smart buildings and smart buildings, in turn, help in the development of smart cities.

Interested in engineering and construction?

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2017 Engineering and Construction Trends
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2017 Engineering and Construction Trends
Interested in civil engineering and construction? B.Tech and diploma in civil engineering from one of the best colleges for civil engineering can reshape construction trends.
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