10 Dream Companies for IT and Engineering College Students Around the World

Getting hired in leading companies is now a top priority for students, especially those belonging to engineering and IT. Leading companies worldwide are highly favored by the students of engineering colleges as these companies promise lucrative career growth.

Here, we discuss some of the companies where engineering and IT students dream to work:

1) Google

Google is undeniably the company where everybody wants to work. Apart from the leading tech company that Google is, it is also popular for giving a number of facilities to the employees. Google, besides primarily being a search engine, also specializes in other Internet-related services.

2) Apple

Apple is another tech giant where most engineering and IT students dream to work. The California-based technology company is popular for consumer electronics.  Apple also specializes in proprietary computer software, mobile phone OS, and online services.

3) Microsoft

Engineering and IT students aspire to work for Microsoft as the company offers exponential career growth.

4) Oracle

Oracle Corporation is another dream company for engineering and IT students. The computer technology corporation develops and markets enterprise software products, cloud engineered systems, and database software and technology.

5) IBM

The name IBM is ubiquitous in the computing world. The American multinational technology company has its operations spread over 170 countries. The company specializes in manufacturing and marketing computer software, hardware, and middleware.

6) Accenture

Accenture (now Accenture PLC) is a professional service and global management consulting company. Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company, serves clients in more than 120 countries, and has more than 425,000 employees.

7) Samsung

Like Apple, Samsung is popular for using cutting-edge technology in their consumer electronics products.

8) Sony

Sony is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics. The company has a diversified business which includes electronics, entertainment, gaming, and financial services.

9) Dell

Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Dell is a manufacturer, seller, and repairer of PCs (personal computer), data storage devices, computer software, servers, printers, cameras, HD televisions, and computer peripheral.

10) Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is another American multinational technology company where engineering and IT students aspire to work. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling telecommunications equipment, networking hardware, and high-technology services and products.

Want to get placed at the leading companies?

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10 Dream Companies for IT and Engineering College Students Around the World
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10 Dream Companies for IT and Engineering College Students Around the World
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